Sunday, October 26, 2008

List of Happy

What has made me happy this past week...I will try to keep this simple...try!

My son got 100% on is math test.

I got White chocolate raspberry and peppermint mocha coffee creamer.

Friday after my shoot..I was watching the sun peak through the clouds and it was beautiful.

One more person in this world told me they understand me better...always a plus.

Watched my son pick up leaves in the yard.

I had a banana pudding shake....a friend told me about I had to try it.

My fall clothes are too big...Yeah!!!

Erica's laugh..when we talk about being on the "crazy train express" and we are sitting in the back seat...and wonder how we can get up front to get off the train!

I got to watch Sex and the City and it was great.

Noni and I laughed as we read bumper stickers on myspace...We could do that all day..I had not laughed like that in weeks.

Watching my son eat 2 big biscuit...3 chicken nuggets and fries..THAT Never Happens...

My family and one of my best friend's family went to the apple fest and dinner...we had a great time. Erica and I even got to go to Wally world alone without kids. We felt like we were 16 again.

I fell asleep on the couch with the fireplace going.

Was kissed by the man I love.......felt like sunshine on my skin....

Sleeping on my flannel sheets....

Being so thankful for the wonderful God given friends that I have...they are the best.
Talking with a great old friend.......

Listening to my windchimes and the wind blow through the trees.

Taking a bubble bath when the house is quiet....other than my music playing.

Having lunch with Janette.....

Sitting on my porch having coffee..

One of my photographs won an award.....

I got a cheap ring that I have wanted forever. For $7.99.....Instead of 30 bucks...

My son gave me big hugs and let me hold his hand.

Got a really great hair cut! I thought it was too short...but I have had more compliments on my hair like this....then when it was long.....Punked Out is what my friends call it. I love it!! It just needs a couple of red streaks and Im good to go.

Listened to "Heavenly Day" by Patty Griffin in the car....always relaxes me....

Sat in the quiet a few times this week...just to listen to my own thoughts and my own feelings.......attempted to center myself. Not an easy thing for me to do. But I did it and I was happy with myself for making the effort to even try....

I have discovered Beethoven's Immortal are a few lines

Be calm, only by a clam consideration of our existence can we achieve our purpose to live together - Be calm - love me - today - yesterday - what tearful longings for you - you - you - my life - my all - farewell. Oh continue to love me - never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.
ever thine
ever mine
ever ours

That is the stuff that can melt a womans heart...I'm a sucker for poetry or writing from the heart....can't believe I admitted I like mushy girl stuff.

This may seem like a silly list with silly things.....but its just stuff that rolles around in my head. We always complain about what upsets us or messes up our why not be thankful for the small things that keep us sane...

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I had a shoot at Yellow Creek Park on Friday. It had rained all day and that usually brings out the color in the leaves. I got some really good shots of the trees and all the colors changing...I hope to get more shots soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nights in Rodanthe.......

Last night Janette and I went out on a long overdue girls night out. It has been months and months since we had been out and talked and caught up on what has been going on in our lives. We went to Texas Roadhouse and had appetizers. I had a huge Margarita..could not have come at a better time....and Nettie had a beer. After sitting there for awhile and talking about our crazy lives....we headed over to Wally World to get candy..ohh and me some new lip gloss (Tropical Punch)best one I have ever gotten...taste good. Anyhoo! We went to the movies. The only chick flick they had was Nights in Rodanthe. Ok...I kinda knew what I was walking into because this book is from the author that wrote Message in a Bottle, and (my fav) The Notebook. I don't want to give to much of it away because those that read my blog may want to go and see this movie. But all three of these movies have similar things in common. The beach....writing letters...and a love so strong and binding that it shakes your very soul. Janette and I were the only people in the theater. Thank the Lord for that....because we both were crying so would have been embarrassing. I was trying to hold it in so hard that I thought I was going to explode. I have not cried that hard in a month or two. More than likely not a good movie for me to be watching...kinda emotional ..The lead actress in this movie was so good. To watch her cry and grieve was truly amazing. You could actually feel every emotion she was going through.....
I woke up this morning with my eyes so swollen that it looked like I had water injected into my eyelids....and they have hurt all day....and getting worse the longer this night drags on. If you get a chance go and see this movie. Take some Kleenex and Visine.
Watching this movie..I have actually learned a few things about love...or not really learned but had to be reminded. A good love is supposed to make you better than what you are. A good love makes you want to be a better person....a good love makes anything almost possible.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Being silly........

Last week daddy felt like crap and went to bed really before Samuel went to bed and I went back to work on my edits...I got lucky enough to get a few shots of me and my boy. He hates the flash on my that is the reason for the squinty eyes. But I did get some really sweet kisses out of the deal. They are not perfect or the best pictures in the world..but we like them.

My favorite shot.....

Monday, October 6, 2008

Kinda Lazy Weekend..not really...

Saturday and Sunday we worked in the backyard. We were putting a building up for the bikes, Samuel's toys and stuff for the pool. Our yard goes downhill and it was a bitch trying to level the ground so this building would be straight. I can't stand for things to be crooked or off balance so I had no patience for this what so ever. Plus I had been up since Friday morning @ 5:30 am and this was Saturday eve...and I was getting tired of it fast. I got really quiet..because I was getting ready to scream. Thank goodness Laz could handle the madness. He kept me from freaking out. Samuel had a blast though. He was helping Daddy move dirt, pick up rocks and whatever else he thought he could do. When we all finally made it into the house..we looked like we rolled in the dirt. When supper was over Laz took a shower..Samuel passed out in is room and I fell asleep at the dinner table. Yeah! I passed out with my head on the table. Laz got out of the shower and I heard him laughing. I woke up and had mascara on my arm and I was checking for drool. I was so tired and had been up for way to long. After my shower..we went to bed at 9pm and I don't even remember moving..turning over or anything. Next thing I know Samuel is between the both of us wanting oatmeal and Noggin at 7am. I could have slept three more hours.
We made it to church..Lowes..and Taco Bell and then home. Laz watched the race until Jeff Gordon got all smashed up :) He! He! Then he and Trent went outside to start on the building..again. This time I stayed in the house. I watched the race, fixed the roast..did laundry and cleaned house...and work on some photo's. So I guess the weekend was not too lazy after all. But we did get to stay home and did not have to be anywhere other than church. That was a nice change of pace.

Samuel painting...he was so into it!

It took me an hour or more to cut up everything to go into this roast. Of course we could not eat it Sunday night...but I let it cook all night and we just had it for supper tonight. Ohh and I actually baked a cake from scratch..not from a box. Noni thinks I have lost my mind. I never even attempt to do that. I can cook..but Im not Betty Crocker! Baking is not my thing usually.

This is my new toy. I waited a year before I decided to buy it. I really needed a bigger screen for my editing. The color is great and I can see everything I need to see.