Monday, May 31, 2010

The Notebook / Lifehouse - Everything

This is my favorite song. I have lots of songs that I love..but this has to be "the one". For some reason it draws all kinds of warmth from deep inside of me to the surface.

It reminds me of a cool summer almost fall night. Slight breeze blowing against my skin. The full moon above with a few clouds covering it like a warm blanket. The sound of the tree tops dancing in the wind. The taste of a long awaited kiss. Warm skin touching ever so gently. The long look into each others eyes that can say a million things without one word being spoken. The depth of a strong embrace ..wishing it could last forever...The beautiful feeling of two hearts pounding for each other says "EVERYTHING"

When I need to find my happy get away from the world. This is the image in my mind..I will listen to this song over and over until my dark clouds pass by.