Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Randomness today...

Today has been a good day..Tired..but good. Then my sister tells me the date of when she is leaving....moving to Florida. I was doing good until she put a date with it! After she left.. I fell apart. I love her and can't be upset with her. It's a better life for her, Katie and Chuck. I want her to be happy. But I guess the thought I always had in my head just isn't panning out to plan. We had our babies together. They are 4 days apart in age. They love each other soooo much. I thought we would raise them together...and go through everything together. But all that will be different now. Today I watched them play in Samuel's room together and it killed me. That is when the sadness and selfishness sat in. I don't want them to leave....but I won't tell them that. Because if given the right chance..I would be outta here with my family as well. I want them to have more chances...more life...more everything! All I keep telling myself is that its just Florida and not California..And Chuck will take good care of my girls. Ok I have to shut up now...I feel the stinging of more tears...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Randomness Day 3 Wk 2

Today is a good day..My hubby is home and we don't have to do anything..And that is rare!! we go!

1. Sleeping in with my hubby on his day off!

2. Sitting on the couch with my laptop and coffee.

3. My cat gets curled up next to me.

4. Sitting on the back porch..listening to the radio and chilling out!

5. Riding on the Motorcycle with my hubby!! Love It!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Randomness Day 2 Wk 2

Today has been a bit stressful. So I am looking at the things that bring me peace.

1. Sitting in a hot bath for an hour..listening to music.

2. Laying my head on my hubby's chest and watching TV in our bed..and he scratches my back.

3. Watching Samuel play with his cars...trains and books.

4. Falling asleep in my big fat chair..I did that this morning.

5. No noise....just the birds singing...or my fan blowing...AHHHH!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Randomness Day 1 Wk 2

I didn't blog over the weekend..I was sooo busy..and just living my here are a few of the things I like.

1. Laying in the sun and watching my kiddo play in the water.

2. M & M Blizzard from Dairy Queen..Yummy!!

3. We walked the Green Belt Saturday for the March of Dimes..I didn't realize how much I missed walking.

4. I love my hubby's kisses.

5. Watching the wind blow through the trees.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Randomness Day 6 wk 1

It's Friday !!!

1. I love it when my husband wakes me up through the night..He! He!

2. When I wake up to a warm morning and I can sit on my porch..drink coffee and watch the sun come up in my pj's...It's great!

3. Opening the windows...turning up the radio and cleaning my house is actually one of my favorite things in the world..Crazy I know..But I find peace in it!

4. My skin is sensitive...bummer. The older I get the worse it gets.

5. Looking through the lens of my camera and knowing instantly that I have captured something great....That makes me feel almost high!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Randomness Day 5 Wk 1

Here is my randomness for Thursday.

1. I love my flannel sheets.

2. I can't stand posers.

3. I get a kick out of looking for scrapbooking paper..and getting it cheap.

4. Black and White photos are my favorites.

5. I love having lunch with Noni.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Randomness Day 4 wk 1

I'm going to do this rather fast..I'm tired and not in a good mood!

1. I have to have my fan going when I sleep. Its a must!

2. Toosh rub is better than a back me anyway!

3. I love cheescake...

4. I love to drive the Expo..and soon that is all I will be driving! Yippie!!

5. I have more bottles of lotion than I can count. Lotion is a must when I get out of the shower.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Randomness Day 3 Wk 1

My Randomness for Tuesday.

1. My husbands cologne "Curve" drives me wild!!

2. I love to hear the birds chirp before the sun comes up.

3. I'm wrapped up in my fleece blanket..either my Scooby Doo or my new one with my name on it most of the time when we are on the couch...Janette got me both of them.

4. Silver jewerly is my favorite.

5. I love to sing to Mozart. That started in high school.


I have finally reached a place of healing in my life. I have needed healing of all sorts. Emotionally..Mentally..and Physically. The physical healing hit me like a Mack Truck. I didn't expect to nearly die when I had my gall bladder taken out in December. Ohh the mess it caused. I was so swollen..cut up and bruised. It was nasty! These pictures are from Jan 3, 2009. I had my surgery Dec 19, 2008. This is not pretty so be prepared...BLAH!!! My muscles (the fascia) had to be stitched back together and they were soo uneven..And if you is the incision!


After: April 20,2009

Noni just took these for me. Its amazing how different my stomach and the incision looks. But I still hate it! I'm very aware of it everyday. But I kinda look at it as Karma. I was a big ol horses ass this year and well what goes around comes back around. And this scar reminds me everyday of what I have done wrong and what I don't want to ever do again. So I guess it serves a purpose. I think that is what you call a "Godsmack".

I'm still sore above my navel...but it gets better the more I do. I have not attempted sit ups yet..But I have been doing a yoga move. It's called the "Thinking position". My friend Erica showed me how to do it. She says it builds your core. I was thinking "whatever!" until I tried it. WOWZERS!! It's harder than it seems. You have to get into the push up position..put your elbows and forearms on the floor under you body. Keep your feet like you would when you are doing push ups..Lower your butt and back down. Your body must stay horizontal..Then you hold it. Harder than it sounds. Ron..Erica's husband was in the Army and he said this is what was done to them for make them think before they made another stupid mistake. I can understand why now! I'm up to 45 seconds....doesn't sound like alot..but it is! Try it and you will understand!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Randomness Day 2 Week #1

Here is day number 2!!

1. I love Double Chocolate Chip Frapp with a shot of Raspberry and Peppermint from Starbucks!! Only a small though. My heart can't take it! Throws me into a funky beat!

2. Sweet Tea is my drink of choice all year around...Southern girl!!

3. I hate underwear!!

4. When I'm mad or just upset..I turn up the music that fits my madness and I stand at the sink in the kitchen...look out the window and sing as hard and as loud as I can. Great and cheap therapy!!! It has saved many lives!

5. Lord knows I'm hard headed..but its the truth. Pull my hair all day long and I will just laugh...It does not hurt! Ever!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random..week #1

This is my first "randomness stuff" about me. Trust me it's silly...but true.

1. I can't live without lipgloss...Addictive.

2. Shower curtain being left open drives me nuts.

3. When I say "shut the door"..I mean all the way..Not pulled too. That makes me crazy.

4. When I wake up. My blinds have to be open. I don't like it to be dark in my house. Unless I'm sleeping.

5. I know all the words to Hotel California....even drunk!

Ok..that is the first five.....Leave a message if you would like to....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Blah and Crazy

Yeah! I know!! I have not blogged in almost a month. Sorry peeps. I have had a lot going on the past month. I have been dealing with a lot of private matters that have just about drove me to insanity...and its a short trip!!! I'm trying to get my grip on some stuff and move on toward greater things....But easier said than done. I will start posting again soon...I promise. I have tons of things to talk about and share..just not the energy to do so. But I will leave you guys with a picture Im so proud of that I took Tuesday of my friends children....