Friday, March 13, 2009

My sister is engaged

Tonight my sister calls me and as soon as I answer the phone I can tell she is crying. I said "whats wrong!" I was totally freaked...and that was all in the span of 4 seconds. She was crying and said that Chuck had just asked her to marry him...and she got THE RING!!! The ring she has eyeballed for 2 years. Needless to say Chuck went through all the proper steps. He asked our Dad for Stevie's hand...asked for his parents blessing...then the killer...he asked Katie..(Stevie's daughter..she is 5 years old). When they told us that....well that is when I started to cry. So I dried my happy tears and managed to get some pictures of the beautiful ring. Then he started telling Stevie that he is going to write his own wedding vows and also write a set for Katie as well....And needless to say the tears were a flowing again. Laz started laughing at us. We were all happy and sappy! This man makes my sister sooo happy...and treats my niece as if she is his own child. That in my book is a MAN. I call him my brother from another mother. I trust Chuck...and I don't usually trust men. I am fill with comfort and peace with knowing how much he loves my sister and my niece. She has found a wonderful man and I have never seen her so happy. So now we have to start planning the engagement party for when they get back from vacation.

The only delima I have am I going to be the Maid of Honor and the Photographer? Chuck said to put my camera in my flowers....I'm not sure that will work...but we will figure something out!!!

So Congrats Stevie and Chuck....We love you!!! Oh and here is your ring pics Sis..I
hope you like them.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hugs from my kiddo!!!

Saturday was a beautiful day...windy but great. Noni and I took the kids to Legion Park to let them run wild. She took these pics of me and my kiddo. I really love them. He was huggin his mommy and that is my most favorite thing in the world.