Monday, May 18, 2009

New Tattoo..Sister Tats to be exact!

My sister is leaving in 2 weeks to move to Florida. We have always wanted to get tattoo's that said sisters or a symbol for it. I did some digging and found the Japanese symbols for "Sisters". We agreed on the symbol and I took it to the tattoo artist and had everything ready for 9pm on a Friday night. Well she made me go first and I didn't argue. It hurt like hell and she had to set there and watch me do this. Then it was her turn. She did great..but she is a bleeder. We have the same tats but mine is outlined in green and hers is black. The same but different..Just like us! After it was over me and Stevie..Erica and Noni went out to the Yellow Rose and had a great time. I will post more of those pics soon. I love my tat and I love that my sister has one like it!!!

Erica..Noni..Stevie and Me!!

How you doin? LOL!!

Me and Erica!!

All done....

Trents Graduation

Trent graduated last Tuesday night from Owensboro Community College with a degree in Arts. He is now working on his second degree. We were so proud of him. The first picture is of Trent and his girlfriend Andrea. The next one is of me, Trent and Laz. the rest is of Laz and I. We rarely get dressed up so I had Katie take a few pics of us.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So proud!!

Today our oldest Trent graduates from college. We are so proud of him. I will have pictures posted when I can.