Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My own soundtrack!

I'm sure everyone hears a song or lots of songs that go right along with moments from your life. Or you hear a song..and you wish you had a moment to go along with that song! I know that sounds crazy...but looks who is blogging! Me!! I have so much music bouncing around in my head. Maybe I should blog the music and if appropriate blog the memory. I won't give dates or names...but just let it out! Hmm...if your a sensitive soul....just be prepared!! LOL!! I'm kinda open when I write..I may offend or I crack you up or bring tears...who knows!! I will attempt to do this often. Not every song has a great YouTube vid to go with it, but I will post the closest thing I can and the lyrics! BEWARE!! I can be a sap and a big b*tch!

This song reminds me of a look in someones eye. The look of go ahead..you can't hurt me. Leave! It was cold...no pulse..no warmth. Nothing. Of course it killed me to my core. I was shattered beyond words. But little did he know...I would haunt him a lot longer than it ever would me. I never wished that for this person..but its funny how life works.


When she told you goodbye
You didn't flinch
When she looked back
You didn't even budge an inch
You stood there like stone
But now that she's gone


How strong are you now
Without her around
You can't even keep one little bitty tear
From fallin' down
Tell me how strong are you know

Before she left you told yourself
It can't hurt that much
Now you're doubled over
Like you took a punch
No, she ain't coming back
Tell me how much can you take of that


Tell me how strong are you now - yeah
How strong are you now - oh, oh
What's that rule you live by
You say tough guys never cry
But how strong are you now


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